About us

First things first. Who are we?

We are a group of friends made up of 4 members, Ragthor is the main one in charge of directing our projects, his job on the studio is programming and game designing. Did I tell you he created this website? Well, he did.
SovietLian is the one in charge of making the textures and anything related to art in general, he also fulfills the role of constructor. He likes airplanes.
Bugeado on the other hand, is one of our… workers… or rather builders, he creates new buildings and decorations for our accessories, as in Last Ruins or Zero Zone.
Flick is our latest member, and although he currently has a role as a builder, he is an enthusiast interested in other areas of development. Keep it up boy!

And finally, what do we do?

Currently, we are working on the development of new add-ons for Minecraft in its bedrock version, we focus on materializing ideas to have a greater variety of experiences within the game, and thus share it with the community.
Although we are now working on addons, we are also interested in developing maps, resource packs or Mods for other titles, but it is mainly in Minecraft where we see a greater potential to unleash our creativity. We hope that our presentation has given you an overview of who we are.
If you are interested on talking with us, or telling us that we do a good job, we invite you to follow us on our social networks.
Hopefully you enjoy our work!

- Hakaro Studio Team

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